Welcome to our site!  We are Pat Catanzariti and Carole Ramos and we design sea glass art onto windows or picture frames (all sizes).  We will also do screen art onto any size window or door screen!  In addition, we work with epoxy resin to design 3-D art onto wood shapes, serving trays, cutting boards and other mediums. All of our material comes mostly from our beaches here Delaware.  The remaining “sea” glass is made using a tumbler.

Sea Glass Art

Sea glass, along with other sea “creatures”, are used to create customized, original art onto picture or window frames (all sizes).  The artwork is casted in resin so that you can hang your art from windows in your home or on any wall to see the beauty of the design. (Note – these are not to be hung in patios or outside!)

Select from our supply of sea glass art or if you see a design you like, we will customize something for you!  We can also frame your selection in rope of brown or white if you like!

Sea Screen Art

Sea screen art uses a unique paint that will not fade.  It even allows you to wash your screens without losing the art!  The artwork is only noticeable from the outside so that when looking out from your home, all you see is the screen!  But from the outside, all you see is the artwork!  It provides not only curb appeal to your home but privacy also!

You can send us your screen or we will purchase one based on the sizes you provide us.  Then you just indicate which particular design you like from either our list of themes or send us a photo that you would like us to replicate!

We are still working on this part of our collection so stay tuned!!

Our prices do not include shipping costs.  These will vary depending on the size and weight you buy and where it will be shipped.  We will inform you of the cost of shipping when you make your selection.

Resin Art on Wood or Metal

Epoxy resin design is placed on metal or wooden serving trays and 3-D artwork. Resin clocks are also created to be hung on any wall to accent your home décor!

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Enjoy looking through our designs!

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